How do I launch a high precision request?

Kizy Tracking uses a two-level approach for providing position data.

First Level - standard, used to receive basic tracking information

The position is determined by the registration at a single GSM Cell Tower. The accuracy of the position shown by the red circle on the map depends on the signal strength of this tower. It usually varies from 300m to 3000m with some exceptions in both directions. 



Second Level - High Precision request  - Used to increase the accuracy of the position

In case the position accuracy needs to be improved, a command can be sent via the platform to the tracker.

To do so, click on the cross-hair in the top right corner. (see red arrow)


If you click on it and confirm, a message will be sent to the tracker. The next time the tracker connects (in this mission configuration every hour when moving, every six hours when not moving), this message is received and the tracker get the command to provide all additional information on the position that is available. This can either be additional GSM Cell Towers or WiFi Networks within reach.
This additional information is sent to the platform and translated into coordinates. Depending on the information that was collected by the tracker, the position accuracy can become as accurate as 20m


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