How do I charge the Kizy tracker?



Please be aware that there are two different versions of Kizy Trackers currently on the market.

K-1 was sold until April 2017, since then K-2 is sold.

Use only USB-C cables supplied by Kizy Tracking. There are different types of USB-C cables on the market and some of them might not be compatible with the K-2 tracker. If they aren't, the tracker will either not charge (no charging blinking), or will it go in safe mode to protect against damage (blinks red or or no blinking), or even be damaged.

Kizy doesn't support trackers that have been connected with other cables. 

Especially USB-C to USB-C cables and Type-A/B with USB 3.0 will not work with the K-2 tracker. 

K-2 Tracker

The K-2 Tracker contains a re-chargeable is recharged Lithium-Ion battery.

Charging is done via USB cable with the new USB-C port.



Charging process:

1. Connect K-2 Tracker via the USB-C cable to a USB-Port / Power Supply.

2. Switch Tracker on

3. Tracker starts blinking yellow - this is the standard procedure when the tracker searches for a network. This is independent from the charging process.

4. After a short moment, the tracker starts blinking green in a short interval of 2 blinks per second. Charging is completed when the green blinking becomes a permanent green light.

5. Remove USB-C Cable from K-2 Tracker once charging is completed.

6. Re-Start the tracker by switching it off, wait for 10sec and switch it on again.


In case there is no blinking light at the beginning, or the battery doesn't start blinking green twice every second, the battery is so low, it needs some time to get enough energy to give power supply to the LEDs. Please keep the tracker connected and check the lights after 30min.

If it still cannot charge, please try the following:

1. switch off the tracker

2. connect it to a cable

3. leave it charging for at least 15 minutes (the tracker should not blink)

4. switch on the tracker

In case of difficulties, please get in touch via

K-1 GSM Tracker

The Kizy tracker contains a re-chargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

The K-1 GSM Tracker is recharged via a standard USB cable with Mini-USB port.

Charging process:

1. Switch Tracker on

2. Connect charging cable to tracker and power supply

3. Switch Tracker off


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