What are the meanings of the different LED blinking lights?

The Kizy tracker contains a LED status indicator with green, yellow and red lights:

Tracker start by switching it on:

  1. red - very short - indicating the switch on
  2. yellow once per sec - searching for network connection
  3. green once per sec - network found, establishing connection
  4. green every 8 sec - connection established - tracker ready for utilization

The whole start process is usually finished in 25 seconds.

Tracker in Operation (switched on)

  • Green blinking every 8 sec: Everything okay
  • Yellow blinking every 8 sec: Connection failed - no mobile network available (e.g.: at sea)

In most cases a yellow light indicates that the tracker could not connect to the mobile network. Once the tracker managed to connect, the blinking will turn green. In case the tracker blinks yellow when you started a mission, please change your location and re-start the tracker.

  • Red blinking twice per second, 6 seconds no light: Battery is low.

Battery level is critical and a re-charge is necessary. Click here to learn more charging procedure:

  • Red - permanent: The tracker reports an error. 

Please switch off the tracker for 10 seconds and re-start. In case red remains on, please contact us via support@kizytrcking.com

  • No light: The tracker is empty and needs to be re-charged.



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