Systems status: all systems are working fine


SIM card activations and deactivations are not working

At the moment, our Telecom provider is facing issues with SIM card activations and deactivations. We are working hard with them to solve the issue. 

If you activate or deactivate devices, please contact us as we can do it manually. 

update 15:51 - we have implemented a workaround that allows activating and deactivating the SIM cards, waiting for the operator to solve the issue. But the process can take up to 30 minutes between a mission start and when the tracker can send the data. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 0817 - our operator is still facing issues with activation and deactivation. The process can still take up to 30 minutes at the moment. 

Update 0952 - our operator informed us that the issue has been resolved. The activation now proceed normally. We are now implementing changes so that this issue can be detected early in the future and prevent this from happening again.

Update 1155 - We implemented various means to make sure this cannot happen again, and if it does, we can take immediate action. The issue is now resolved. 

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