Instructions for K-2 Firmware Update


Kizy Tracking continuously develops further and improves its technology. 

For our customers that have K-2 Trackers with Version 3.0 and above, we can offer you to update your trackers to Version 5.8

With Version 5.8 you will benefit from increased stability as well as improvements for the battery management and thus longer autonomy.

You can check the current version of your tracker when checking the details for a running mission on your tracker.

To do so, click on the info sign in the upper left corner





To update K-2 Trackers  we will need your support.

The update as such is about 16MB which is too much traffic to organise this via Data Roaming.

Instead we figured out a way to use a combination of the Wifi Module contained in the Tracker and a smartphone that has a local data contract.

To update, a small command will be sent to the trackers identified for update that will enable the tracker to connect to a mobile hotspot that has been created locally.

The creation of this local hotspot requires your support. We will need a Wifi which is called firmware and runs with the password firmware.


Set-Up Mobile Hotspot


  1. Go to Settings > General > About.
  2. Tap the first line, which shows the name of your device.
  3. Rename your device into firmware, then tap Done.
  4. Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot
  5. Tap Wi-Fi Password and rename it into firmware

Android: (may vary according to the smartphone model in use)

  1. Go to System settings > Tethering and portable hotspot > Mobile hotspot.
  2. Tap on More > Configure Mobile Hotspot
  3. Rename network name into firmware
  4. Set Password to firmware

Schedule an appointment

To execute the Firmware update process, you need an appointment with the technical experts from Kizy Tracking.

To coordinate such an appointment please contact Kizy via with the Subject Firmware Update and a date and time proposal with your TimeZone when it would suit you. It has been proven to be very helpful to have a audio connection during the update process so instructions and feedback can be shared immediately.

Prepare Devices

To update the firmware, you need to have the K-2 Trackers on hand.

Please make sure they are fully charged.

Please have a list of the Tracker IDs ready that shall be updated.



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