K-2 Trackers & Missions - How do they relate to each other?

K-2 Trackers:

The Trackers are the technical devices that accompany your objects you would like to track.

In order to use them, the trackers need to be charged and be switched on. However, the tracker just being switched on is not sufficient to get a tracking. In order to communicate the data that is collected by the tracker, the subscription of the SIM Card which is inside the tracker also needs to be activated. This is done via what is called a "Mission"



A mission describes a temporary activation of the SIM Card inside the tracker which allows data communication of the tracker as long as the mission is active / running. Missions are managed directly via the Kizy Tracking Platform app.kizytracking.com

Missions can be started and stopped without the need of physical access to the tracker. This means as well that costs related to the mission are controlled directly via the Kizy Tracking Platform.

The relationship between a mission and a tracker is always 1:1, so one tracker can only have one mission at a time. However, once the mission assigned to a tracker is stopped, a new mission can be started for this tracker.


Trackers are off or out of battery but Missions are still active

We observe from time to time that missions are still active and therefore creating costs while the trackers for those missions are either off or out of battery.

Here it is important to understand that as long as the mission is still running, the subscription for the tracker is still active thus creating costs. Thus missions need to be stopped separately. It is not sufficient to simply turn off the tracker.

Why does Kizy Tracking not stop missions automatically for Trackers which are not sending any data any longer?

For Kizy Tracking it is not possible to identify if the tracker is turned off or is at a place without network reception. In both situations the tracker does not connect to the network and does not send any data. We cannot turn off missions automatically as soon as the trackers linked to those missions do not send data as this would mean that all customers using Kizy Tracking for Sea Freight container tracking would not receive any data once the container has arrived in a harbour again.

Therefore it remains the responsibility of the customers to manage their missions and related costs.



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