What is the autonomy of the K-2 tracker?

The autonomy of the battery changes greatly depending on the usage of the tracker. The following conditions can influence the autonomy of the device:

- Temperature: If the tracker stays below 10°C or above 35°C, a reduction of its autonomous capacity will take place. If the tracker is at -20°C, it could lose up to 40% of battery performance. However, functionality is restored once the tracker returns to normal room temperature.

- Network: The tracker consumes 20% more power when using 3G rather than 2G.

- Coverage: The tracker consumes up to 40% more power if the quality of the current network is poor or not sufficient.

- Motion: If the template uses the movement sensor as the tracker is in motion, it will automatically connect itself more often, resulting in higher battery consumption.

Under regular circumstances, users can therefore expect a stable battery autonomy, which will always be subject to the template in use. Please consider this information as a general reference and not as a guarantee of battery autonomy, as there are several factors that may influence the autonomy of the tracker:

Template Autonomy
daily check 1 year
hourly check 2-4 months
every 15 minutes 2-4 weeks
Humidity 1h 3-4 weeks
Temperature 1h 3-4 weeks
Parcel Theft Detection 2-4 weeks


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